The House of Industry was situated in Hinckley Road beyond the entrance to Frewen Drive. Begun in 1805 and completed in in 1806 at a cost of 1,300 most being provided by Mr Frewen Turner, the Squire, the rest by the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor. It was built for the reception of the poor of fifteen, later increased to twenty, neighboring parishes. The inmates were removed to the new House at Hinckley in 1840 and the building was used as a farmhouse and premises. Later it was converted into cottages and was finally demolished in 1959.

This was a frame knitters cottage which stood down Hinckley road, where the present O.A.P. bungalows now stand.
The pictures below show the view from the church tower can you help me with the year on both? i think the right is around 1980
Taken just after the Second World War. Motorised transport is now in evidence (parked opposite the bakery) and there is a sign post at the junction of Sharnford Road. Once again, the Lord Bassett would have been the only property remaining had it not been demolished in October 2005
The New Methodist Chapel was built in 1904, with the Old Methodist Chapel on it's right. The Old Methodist Chapel built in 1805 and knocked down in the 1950's to build a new Methodist Hall, Which has also been replaced with a newer hall which is attached to the methodist Church.