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Tel: (01455) 238447.
Action Lifestile. Tel: (01455) 635226.
Action Research. Tel: (01455) 239665.
Age Concern (Hinckley and Burbage. Tel: (01455) 891878.
Aid for Children With Tracheostomies. Tel: (01455) 290718.
Animal Aid Association (Huncote). Tel: (01455) 888257.
Armada Court Residents Committee. Tel: (01455) 233464.
Arthritis Care.  Tel: 01455 634326
Arthrogyposis Group. Tel: (01455) 251486.
Ashby Canal Association. Cyril Blackford, 48 The Ridgeway, Burbage, Hinckley.
Association of Breast Feeding Mothers. Tel: (01455) 843440.
Barwell Dog Training Club. Tel: 01455 843294
Barwell and Earl Shilton Disability Group.  Tel: 01455 844949
Barwell and District Constitutional Club: 20 Chapel Street, Barwell. Tel: (01455) 843154.
Barwell Sports Social Club: Kirkby Road, Barwell. Tel: (01455) 843067.
Burbage and District Constitutional Club: Church St, Burbage. Tel: (01455) 615142.
Burbage Liberal Club: 21 Lutterworth Road, Burbage. Tel: (01455) 615091.
Barwell and Earl Shilton St John Ambulance.  Tel: 01455 847027
British Diabetic Association (Hinckley Branch). Tel: (01455) 634405.
British Heart Foundation. Tel: (01455) 251596.
British Red Cross Society: Tel: (01455) 634783.
British Retinitis and Pigmentsa Society. Tel: (01455) 238073.
Burbage Craft Club.  Tel: 01455 611738
Cancer Research Group: Tel: (01455) 617592.
Carers Contact. Tel: (01455) 633002.
Castle Ensemble.  Tel: 01455 234241
Cat Action Trust 1977, Charity No 801245 Tel: (01455) 631213
Cedars German Circle.  Tel: 01455 212667
Cedars Youth Club.  Tel: 01455 845061
Citizens Club: 81 Mount Road, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 615113.
Coeliac Society. Tel: (01455) 846360
Contact and Play. Tel: (01455) 612430.
Dementia Support for Relatives.  Tel: (01455) 251175
Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  Tel: 01455 845061
Endeavour Club of Desford. Tel: (01455) 822285.
Ex-Tablers (Hinckley). Tel: (01455) 634316.
Earl Shilton Constitutional Club: Station Road, Earl Shilton. Tel: (01455) 843837.
Flutters Social Club: Rugby Road, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 637097.
Hinckley United Supporters Social Club: Middlefield Lane, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 615012.
Hinckley Central Club: Mansion Street, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 615045.
Hinckley Sweet Pea, Rose and Horticultural Society: Coventry Road, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 615323.
Hinckley Working Mens Club: The Hall, Stockwell Head, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 615222.
Friday Club. Tel: (01455) 637516.
The Friendship Club.  Tel: 01455 851354
Hatha Yoga.  Tel: 01455 822362
Hinckley Amateur Radio and Electronics Society.  Tel: 01455 846493
Hinckley Area Carers Forum. Tel: (01455) 633002.
Hinckley Area Disability Group. Tel: (01455) 633002.
Hinckley Army Cadet Force.  Tel: 01455 847703
Hinckley Asthma Support Group. Mrs Di Lapworth,11 Ashford Road, Hinckley.
Hinckley and Bosworth Pensioners Action Group. Tel: (01455) 290499.
Hinckley and Bosworth Deaf and Blind Group.   
Hinckley Boys Brigade. 
HINCKLEY BRIDGE CLUB.  Mondays, 7:10 p.m. Barwell Sports and Social Club, Kirkby Lane, Barwell. E-mail: tony.p@lineone.net
Hinckley British Polio Fellowship. Tel: (01455) 610326.
Hinckley Carer Support Scheme. Tel: (01455) 614655.
Hinckley Contact Centre. Tel: (01455) 251200.
Hinckley Chess Club.  Tel: 01455 230814
Hinckley Choral Union.  Tel: 01455 612901
Hinckley Concordia Theatre Stockwell Head Hinckley  Tel: 01455 615005
Hinckley and District Association for the Disabled. Tel: (01455) 637623.
Hinckley and District Cancer Group. Tel: (01455) 616924.
Hinckley and District Natural History Society. Tel: (01455) 635587.
Hinckley Dyslexia Group. Tel: (01455) 633673.
Hinckley Early Years Liaison Group. Tel: (01455) 637516.
Hinckley Epilepsy Society.  Tel: 01455 234617
Hinckley Gym Club.  Tel: 01455 618507
Hinckley ME Support Group.  Tel: 01455 633002
Inner Wheel Club of Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 612932.
JCC Senior Club.  Tel: 01455 632183
Ladies Circle (Hinckley). Tel: (01455) 272164.
Leicestershire and Rutland Family History Society.  Tel: 01455 230041 Leicestershire Tai Chi Association.  Tel: 0116 255 7055
Leukaemia Research Fund. Tel: (01455) 220389.
Life. Tel: (01455) 610472.
Lions Club (Earl Shilton and Barwell). Tel: (01455) 632449.
Lions Club (Hinckley).Tel: (01455) 634935.
LOROS. Tel: (0116) 2555530.
Lutterworth Ramblers.  Tel: 0116 289 9387
Market Bosworth Youth Theatre.  Tel: 0116 239 3085
Mencap (Hinckley and District). Tel: (01455) 637312.
Meningitis Truist Support Group. Tel: (01203) 386090.
MIND (Hinckley). Tel: (01455) 890168.
Motor Nerone Disease Association. Ms Isobel Jenkins, Wyedowns, 3 Dunton Road, Broughton Astley, Leics.
Multiple Sclerosis Society. Tel: (01455) 636644.
National Childbirth Trust, Hinckley and District Branch. Tel: (01455) 616238.
Optimists Sports Club. Tel: (01455) 843766.
Parkinsons Disease Society. Tel: (01455) 271501.
Peters Club: London Road, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 615099.
RSPCA. Mrs Eileen Robinson, 46 Trinity Lane, Hinckley, Leics.
Rotary Club (Hinckley). Tel: (01455) 636602.
Rotary Club (Hinckley Ambion). Tel: (01455) 632074.
Rotary Club (Market Bosworth). Tel: (01455) 290698.
Round Table (Hinckley). Tel: (01455) 637141.
Royal Air Force Association. Mr T H Hunt, 9 Station Road, Hinckley, Leics.
Royal British Legion (Barwell). Tel: (01455) 842808.
Royal British Legion (Hinckley, Stoney Stanton, Burbage, Sapcote and Sharnford). Tel: (01455) 239938.
Royal British Legion (Market Bosworth). Tel: (01455) 290201. Women’s Section Tel: (01455) 290072.
Royal National Lifeboat Institute. Tel: (0116) 2592110.
Royal Naval Association. Tel: (01455) 634633.
Save The Children Fund. Tel: (01455) 844900.
Scottish country dancing.  Tel: 01455 610528
Scouts. Tel: (01455) 636650.
South West Leicestershire National Farmers Union (Ladies Section). Mrs J Davis, Pickering Grange, Ellistown, Leics.
St John's Fellowship. Tel: (01203) 382120.
St Peter's Sunshine Club, Hinckley. Mary Forryan, 4B Queens Park, Hinckley, Leics.
Stanley Opera.  Tel: 01509 264292
Walking in Leicestershire Walking in Leicestershire
Westfield Wanderers: Mrs Annette Thomas. Tel: (01455) 636011.
Wingrove Yoga Club: Dr Bill Shepherd, Earl Shilton Community College, Heath Road, Earl Shilton. Tel: (01455) 842688.
Womens Interest and Awareness Group.  Tel: 01455 843510
WRVS. Tel: (01509) 215191.
Women's Institute (Leicestershire and Rutland Federation). Tel: (0116) 2661342.
Mr Steve Oxley, Hinckley Leisure Centre. Tel:(01455) 634736.
Aerobics Stretch and Shape: Julia Godfrey, Earl Shilton Social Institute.
American Style Karate Kick Boxing: Mr Stevens, Hinckley Leisure Centre.
Barwell '87 Football Club: Mr S.J Tipper, The Common, Barwell. Tel:(01455) 840450.
Barwell Athletic Juniors Football Club: Jeff Hines, Barwell Sports and Social Club, Kirkby Road, Barwell. Tel:(01455) 845919.
Barwell Cricket Club: Jeff Hines, Barwell Sports and Social Club, Kirkby Road, Barwell. Tel:(01455) 845919.
Barwell Football Club: Barwell Sports and Social Club, Kirkby Road, Barwell. TelL:(01455) 843067.
Beginners Aerobics: Debbie Jenkins, Westfield Community Centre, Hinckley. Tel:(01455) 891103.
Bosworth Tae Kwon Do School: Colin Wells, Bosworth College, Desford. Tel:(01455) 291066.
Burbage '84 Football Club: Mrs L. Simpkin, 48 Sketchley Road, Burbage. Tel:(01455) 637287.
Burbage Ladies Popmobility: Karen Robinson, Burbage Methodist Hall, Windsor Street, Burbage. Tel:(01455) 612807.
Burbage Old Boys: Britannia Road ground. Tel:(01455) 890413.
Burbage Riding Club: 07825645272
Burbage Rugby Club: Mr J.W Gamble, Britannia Recreational Ground. Tel:(01455) 631439.
Cross Keys Football Club: Mr A.C Raven, Hinckley Road Ground. Tel:(01455) 238654.
Desford Striders: Bosworth College, Leicester Lane, Desford. Tel:(01455) 824133.
Downes Sports Junior FC: Mr G Clarke, Leicester Road, Hinckley. Tel:(01455) 612896.
Earl Shilton and Barwell Ladies FC: Chris Ripley, Earl Shilton Community College, Heath Road, Earl Shilton. Tel:(01455) 845061.
Earl Shilton and Barwell Rambling Club: Mr and Mrs S. Hubbard, Earl Shilton Community College, Heath Lane, Earl Shilton. Tel:(01455) 845061.
Earl Shilton Tae Kwon Do: Mr W Higginson, Earl Shilton Community College.
Earl Shilton Running Club: Mrs L. Haining, Earl Shilton Community College, Heath Lane, Earl Shilton. Tel: (01455) 841449. Eearl Shilton Camera Club http://www.earlshiltoncameraclub.org.uk
Earl Shilton Table Tennis Club: Mr J. Pearson, Earl Shilton Community College, Heath Road, Earl Shilton. Tel:(01455) 845889.
Hinckley & District Air Rifle League: Mr Dave Wykes, Promotions Officer, e-mail: davewykes@5brookdale.freeserve.co.uk
Hinckley Bridge Club: Mondays, 7:10 p.m. Barwell Sports and Social Club, Kirkby Lane, Barwell. e-mail: tony.p@lineone.net
Hinckley Canoe Club: Mr Joe Wheatcroft, Hinckley Wharf, Coventry Road, Hinckley. Website: http://www.hcc-online.co.uk/
Hinckley and District Dressage Group: Mrs L Thornhill, Hall Farm, Sutton Cheney. Tel:(01530) 837343.
Hinckley Fencing Club: Brian Jordan. Meetings @ Redmoor High School Wykin Road Hinckley. Tel. 0116 286 2786 Hinckley Golf Club: Lydia Jackson, Leicester Road, Hinckley Tel: (01455) 615124.
Hinckley Gymnastics Club: Mr Moody, Clarendon Recreational Park, Roston Drive, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 618507.
Hinckley Ladies Hockey Club: Mrs B Smith, Earl Shilton Community College, Heath Road, Earl Shilton. Tel: (01455) 230346.
Hinckley Lau Gar Kung Fu: Lance Fisher, St Johns Ambulance Hall, Brunel Rd, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 613599.
Hinckley Netball Club: Mrs C. Payne, John Cleveland College, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 632183.
Hinckley Ramblers: Mr Sid Hindmarsh (Secretary). Tel: (01455) 220418.
Hinckley Rugby Club: John Swift, Leicester Road, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 250270.
Hinckley Rugby Club - Youths: Phillip Hodges, Leicester Road, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 636257.
Hinckley Swimming Club: Christopher Holden   http://members.tripod.com/hinckleyswimclub
Hinckley Sub-Aqua Club: Russell Gasgoine, Hinckley Leisure Centre, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 440254.
Hinckley Town Tennis Club: Leicester Road Sport Ground, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 637527.
Hinckley Trampoline Club: Joanne Impey 01455 447074 07986731260 Jomoore@ntlworld.com 
Hinckley Model Railway club.  Tel: 01455 233372
Hinckley Music Club.  Tel: 01455 637941
Hinckley Photographic Society.  Tel: 01455 616439
Hinckley Ramblers.  Tel: 01455 842208 
Hinckley Retired Mens Club.  Tel: 01455 610866
Hinckley Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. Tel: (01455) 610988.
Hinckley St John Ambulance Cadets.  Tel: 01455 613692
Hinckley Stroke Club.  Tel: 01455 619376
Hinckley Sub Aqua Club.  Tel: 01455 440254
Hinckley U3A.  Tel: 01455 632918
Hinckley United FC: Mr S. Millidge Middlefield Lane, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 635808.
Hinckley YMCA Judo Club: Mrs L Preston, Westfield Community Centre, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 610170.
Hinckley Wado Ryu Karate Club: Paul Furnival, Hastings High School, Burbage.
Hinckley Water Training Activities Centre: Mr Tim Palmer, Hinckley Wharf, Nutts Lane, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 251222.
Hinckley Visually Impaired Group.  Tel: 01455 632260
Hinckley WI. Tel: 01455 230041
Image Fitness: Mrs C Liney, Constitutional Club, Station Road, Earl Shilton. Tel: (01455) 848106.
Ladies Rounders Stapleton: Mrs A Fletcher, Earl Shilton Community College, Heath Lane, Earl Shilton. Tel: (01455) 291970.
Leicester Road Squash Club:   Membership secretary Paul Kirton, Chairman Mike Blasdale. Leicester Road Sports Ground, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 615336.
Life Saving Club for Children: Mrs Freeman, Hinckley Leisure Centre, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 636818.
National Lifeboat Association. Tel: (01455) 632745.
National Women's Register. Mrs A Halliday,10 Westray Drive, Hinckley, Leics.
Nebuliser Support Fund. Valerie Binns, 14 Broderick Road, Hinckley, Leics.
Newbold Verdon Working Mens Club: Main Street, Newbold Verdon. Tel: (01455) 822349.NSPCC. Tel: (01455) 290951.
Nuneaton and District Young Farmers Club.  Tel: 01455 890603
Market Bosworth Family Swimming Club: Mrs M. Goodwin, Market Bosworth Community College, Market Bosworth. Tel: (01455) 290069.
Market Bosworth Ladies Hockey: Julie House, Market Bosworth Community College, Market Bosworth. Tel: (0116) 2386046.
Market Bosworth Rugby Club: George Donnelly, Cadeby Lane, Rugby Club. Tel: (01455) 823522.
Market Bosworth Table Tennis Club: Phil Hayes, Snibson Hall, Market Bosworth. Tel: (01455) 291488.
Market Bosworth Tennis Club: Mrs H Buckingham, Market Bosworth Community College, Market Bosworth. Tel: (01455) 291159.
Mens Fitness Club: Mr S. A Beer, Earl Shilton Community College, Heath Road, Earl Shilton. Tel: (01455) 843024.
Optimists Sports Club (disabled): Mrs S. Marriott, Earl Shilton Community College, Heath Lane, Earl Shilton. Tel: (01455) 843766 or (01455) 611267.
Rallye Raiders: Johnnie Baker, Mill Farm Fishery, Gilmorton. Tel: (01455) 552392.
Riding for the Disabled: Mrs J Starkie, BHS, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. Tel: (01455) 696510.
Sapcote Club: 19, Hinckley Road, Sapcote. Tel: (01455) 272300.
Stoke Golding Liberal Club and Institute: 42 Hinckley Road, Stoke Golding. Tel: (01455) 212221.
Stoney Stanton Working Mens Club and Institute: Hinckley Road, Stoney Stanton. Tel: (01455) 272228.
Stoneycroft Sports and Social Club: New Street, Earl Shilton. Tel: (01455) 844277.
Stapleton FC: Mrs E Foster, Earl Shilton Community College, Heath Road, Earl Shilton. Tel: (01455) 616220.
Step Reebok Aerobics for Children: Ms Dee McMaster, Hinckley Leisure Centre, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 212762.
Stoney Stanton Squash Club: www.stoneystantonsquashclub.org.uk
Stoney Stanton Tennis Club: Mr David Pearce, War Memorial Playing Fields, off Carey Hill Road, Stoney Stanton. Tel: (01455) 273229.
Stute Gym Club: Julie Jenkins, Earl Shilton Institute, 12 Station Road, Earl Shilton. Tel: (01455) 618240.
Tangent Club (Hinckley).  Tel: (01455) 843382.
Tinnitus Association.  Tel: (01203) 469237.
Torch Trust Fellowship for the Blind. Tel: (01455) 613863.
Town Twinning Association (Hinckley and Bosworth). Tel: (01455) 637808.
Transport 200. Terry Kirby, 15 Heath Court, Hinckley Road, Earl Shilton, Leics.
Tutor hunt www.tutorhunt.com
Trojans Air Rifle Club: Mr Robert Carnell, Barwell Sports and Social Club, Kirkby Road, Barwell. Tel: (01455) 847285.
Yoga Classes: Dinah Roberts, Mount Grace High School, Leicester Road, Hinckley. Tel: (01455) 841791.
Action for Sick Children. 5-a-side Hinckley League: